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Harley’s are supposed to leak!

This was one of the better April Fools jokes I’ve ever come up with.
A new guy at work (Ty) had just purchased a new Harley.   I had some avaition oil in the trunk of my car & decided to put it to good use as an oil spot under his brand new bike.

I didn’t just stop there, I dabbed a little on his oil drain bolts & on the frame for authenticity.

This worked out beautifully because he didn’t know me very well, and it was a Harley.  I couldn’t figure out how to tell him his bike was leaking oil without cracking up, but while was planning that part of the prank, a few co-workers walked by & noticed it.  They told Ty right away & he went to check it out.  I got photos of the whole thing out of a mirrored window in our building.

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Posted by on February 26, 2008 in Friends


My riding gear:

gearBell Drifter Helmet

“Biker’s Dream Apparel” Leather Jacket, I’ve got the matching vest as well for warm days.  This jacket & helmet almost look like they were made to be together.  Looking to get some chaps for the cooler days, but they have to look cool, or I just can’t be seen wearing them.  I just don’t want to embarass my bike, it wouln’t be right.

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Posted by on February 10, 2008 in Gear