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Got a new helmet.

I bought the Shark Evoline 2st because I got tired of switching faceshields every time I went out. She’s got an inner tinted visor & outer non-tinted shield. It’s also convertible. In Addition I bought the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset (pair) so I can listen to music, talk to friends & not have to worry about cords all over the place.

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.PDF Manual for my breakaway cruise control.

This thing is great to have on the freeway & works perfectly.
It’s a little expensive, but ya get what you pay for here!
Warrior Cruise Control

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More power!

IMG_5729IMG_5739Before and after Installing a “Churchkey BigAir Kit”.  This allows the engine to breathe a bit easier. 
K&N air filters (one oiled, & one not…yet) and moved some parts around.

This is the AIS block-off Kit I am installing. 
Basically, it removes a smog pump & makes it so the bike does not pop as much.

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My motorcycle history:

My first bike was a Yamaha FZR400  It was a wonderful first bike that I bought as my sole transportation while I was in the US Navy.   I abused that poor bike to no end & it never let me down.  Wrecked it once while racing Grizzly Peak near Berkely, CA.  I was just fine as I was wearing full protection, but the bike got pretty scratched up.   Then I took a pretty bad spill on her, several years later, while racing very late at night with no protection.  I got pretty scraped up that time & the poor bike was pretty much done.  When that wreck happened, a guy drove me home on the back of his CBR F3…  The next week, I went to the Honda store & picked one up.  
Sean's CBRhon-cbr600-95-bikepics-02488Fast forward to 2004, a friend of mine wanted to buy a bike but didn’t have the credit needed. I told him I’d sell him mine & I’ll go buy a R1.

Well, I sold him the bike & when I went to buy the R1, I left the Yamaha dealer on the Warrior instead.

 It was just a great looking bike & I got a great deal on her too.  I do still miss the F3, but the Warrior is a great biker’s bike and I have not been harassed by the local pigs yet.

For those wondering, I have taken a bike completely apart & put it back together again… Haha

I’ve wrecked this bike more times than I care to remember.
Yep, that’s my kitchen counter!

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